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I am a product designer specialising in UX / UI.


I am a dependable UX / UI product designer based in London with 3 years experience in user centred design, and fast paced/startup environments. I look to continuously learn and challenge myself, focusing on inclusive, accessible design.

A natural problem solver and team player who’s happy to work independently. I’m known amongst my team as the advocate for our customers’ voice and experience, whilst balancing business strategy and delivering new initiatives.



UX / UI Designer - London
iD Mobile / DixonsCarphone


Ensuring quality experiences across our e-commerce platform, existing and ‘V2’ app (Android, iOS), the iD Community and Knowledge Base.

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Sketch, Adobe XD, Google Analytics, UserZoom, Hotjar, Webflow, Figma…

iD Mobile


My primary responsibility has been ensuring quality customer experiences across our e-commerce platform, our existing and re-platformed ‘V2’ app (Android, iOS), the iD Community and self-serve Knowledge Base.

I regularly conduct and presenting my research to the wider business, encouraging open critique and discussion of my work. A large part of my role requires working closely with our front/back-developers to ensure cost-effective updates to our products within strict timelines.

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One of the issues I found within my role was getting past the jargon in the wider team and allowing them to quickly understand UX proposals. I overcame this through the use of rapid prototyping in Adobe XD to produce video prototypes/journey simulations of my proposed output. This also helped when liaising with our development teams so we could arrive at the best solution deliverable within timeframes.


Research is a significant part of my work. I’ve presented this in numerous ways, predominantly face to face in meetings with relevant stakeholders in project settings. These include Market Research, Audits and Proposals for updates to site/functionality and measuring performance. These have been presented to the wider team and have helped inform decision making and the product roadmap.

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Snippet of a customer journey within the iD App.

Snippet of a customer journey within the iD App.



I relaunched the BHS brand in the UK with a group of 15 original employees with the mission to bring affordable design to every home. Working in an agile/scrum framework I quickly filled skills gaps in the small team, coding emails to webpages in HTML/CSS across our site including the homepage.



Non-hard coded pages such as our Homepage and Trend pages were coded by myself, and were tested and refined over time as part of an iterative design process. The top three trend pages were viewed by over 100k unique users since launch, and I am fortunate to say I had free reign over the majority of content on the website.

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The trend pages I produced were my proudest achievement on site besides the Homepage, but there were so many more pages online! Get in touch, as I’d love to go through them all in more detail.

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The following are examples of the advertising that I created myself that could be seen across mainline train stations in London during AW17, as part of the 'We're Back' campaign. They were visible for two weeks in Euston, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, Victoria and Waterloo stations with an expected 3.2m impressions.

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Development Work

As a startup, we didn’t always have development resource, which is where my enthusiasm to learn to code came in. As well as coding our email template, and Homepage/Content Pages across the BHS.COM website, I also created a bundle component in order to purchase multiple products on the same PDP, as well as swatch components, back to category buttons on PLP, and shop similar categories once you’d reached the bottom of the page.

Not only this, I also did a project to improve image compression across the site, and changed the process for the way the team handles images. I’m really proud of this as I had no formal training, but my work was viewed by our 1m+ customers across the span of its life.

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I have had direct responsibility for both the design and build of the email templates, as well as developing functionality such as the hamburger menu. The numerous templates I developed were seen by an active base (30 days) in excess of 500k.

In terms of process, each email started with a kick off meeting before being designed using Adobe XD to produce a comp before being coded in Sublime, and sent for proofing.


Press / Lookbooks


I created the templates and designs for all the Lookbooks and press material for AW17, and SS18; the first time we have done so as a business. Featured in our press event in Soho:

View AW17 Lighting

View SS18 Lookbook

View SS18 Lighting

View SS18 Trends



I’d love to chat, and discuss my work in more detail.